Savage Coffees Afterglow Nitro Cold Brew

Afterglow, a stellar example of a beautifully refined naturally processed coffee resulting in a rich, vibrance that has a discerningly sweet fruit note throughout.

Quantity: Six cans per pack. Eight ounces per can.


Can of Savage Afterglow Cold Brew Coffee
Back of the Afterglow Cold Brew can displaying the ingredients


Approximately 170mg per serving.

Savage Coffees RTD has zero added sugar.

Approximately 98.4% of the beverage, it is imperative a clean well balanced PH is used to insure extraction of even the most nuanced flavor notes.

Savage Coffees Afterglow is canned at 1.4% TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).


Savage Coffees Finca Deborah Afterglow is our traditional naturally processed Geisha. Afterglow starts with a meticulous harvesting practice where only the ripest, intact, cherries are harvested with a BRIX reading over 21. These cherries are quickly brought to the dry-house for post selection on the top level of Deborah’s 3-tiered African beds system designed by Jamison Savage. While on the top level a certain depth of the cherries is required to prevent over-fermentation and off flavors. Frequent agitation of the cherries is required during the first several days in order to minimize any possible opportunity for a fungal bloom and constant monitoring of temperatures, airflow, as well as humidity inside the dry-houses are critical.

After several days in the direct sunlight the coffee is dropped to the second level bed where it is essentially shade-dried for up to 30 days. This slow, methodical, process gives the coffee grain an opportunity to absorb the layered, natural, and complex flavors provided by the sweet fruit. It is laborious and exhausting work, but it is essential to bring out the best in this special coffee.